School Matric Farewell 2014

The Lenasia Secondary School Matric Farewell, held on August 9, in the school’s hall was an evening of glitz and glamour. With the 'Celebrating the African Sunset', Grade 12 pupils were dressed to kill. Many of them were accompanied by their parents who also kept to the theme. The décor and design of the hall was also in keeping with the theme. The MC's, FF Jardine and Ahi Kadar, did a sterling job and kept the audience entertained with jokes. They also praised the matrics for the outstanding effort they put in, in making sure they look wonderful for the event. A packed hall heard motivational speeches by guest of honour Dr Amina Shiak, and a sterling speech by the principal Hawa Munshi, who is also famous for using the word 'oblivious’. Pupils were urged to ‘study smart’ for their final examinations and wished well for the upcoming preliminary exams; they were also presented with gifts. A three course meal was on offer for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians which were deliciously prepared. The DJ also kept the audience alive with tunes that saw them jump off their seats and get down to the dance floor. Please see our School Matric Farewell 2014 Photos below:

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