Class of 1986 Reunion 2016

In 2015 – Lenasia Secondary School – Lenz High – celebrated their 60th birthday. Inspired by the event and seeing each other after many years – a group of former students who matriculated from Lenz High in 1986 decided to organize a reunion of the “Class of 1986”. Commemorating 30 years since they matriculated the “Class of 86 – Proudly African Reunion” event will be held on 16 April 2016 at the school hall.

There were 164 learners in matric at Lenz High in 1986. Many of the matric class have gone on to make their marks in their respective professional fields both in South Africa and internationally. Others have endured great personal tragedy and become stronger through their experiences. Each one has many life stories to share and the reunion will be an opportunity for people to catch-up with long lost friends. Unfortunately there have also been some learners and educators who have passed away since.

In the context of the school’s history, the Class of 1986 were a particularly interesting class. Those who started their high school career at Lenz High started in 1981 in Standard 5. At the time the school was housed at 46 Gemsbok Avenue - its original location - where Signet Terrace is now. That was the same year in which Lenasia experienced snow.

A year later, the school relocated temporarily to the premises of the old Nirvana school – on  Weaverbird Street.  The school was housed in a green pre-fabricated building with very few functional facilities. Despite this, dedicated educators continued to inspire young learners many who excelled on the sports-fields, in arts and cultural activities and academically. The “Class of 1986” were the last group of Lenz High learners that matriculated from that premises. 1986 was a period of high political consciousness and many in the matric group were active in raising their voices against the injustices of apartheid.

“There is much excitement amongst those we have been able to connect with”, said Rehana Moosajee – a member of the organizing committee. There are a number of platforms to get more information about the event: the school’s website:, facebook, linkedin  and whatsapp.

Class of 1986 Reunion 2016 Video

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