School Governing Body


The vision of the SGB is to ensure that Lenasia Secondary School upholds its Vision and Mission statement to become one of the best world class state school in Gauteng. We would strive to achieve educational and sporting excellence in all spheres of learner development.

As a governing body we will continue to determine the policies and rules for organizing managing and controlling Lenasia Secondary within the relevant laws and the budgets of the school. We strive to ensure that all our learners receive the best possible education. Our main task is to assist and help the Principal, Educators to organize and manage their school’s activities in an effective an efficient manner.

We must ensure that all aspects of school governance is adhered to at all times as well as promote the best interests of the school.


Please see our School Governing Body below:

1 - Principal
2 - Chairperson
3 - Treasurer
4 - Secretary
5 - Exemption / Maintenace
6 - Member
7 - Discipline
8 - Discipline
9 - Budget
10 - Educator / Member
11 - Educator / Member
12 - Educator / Member
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