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Lenasia Secondary School or Lenz High as it is more commonly known to the community has been instrumental in the education of the Lenasia community.  Lenz High is the first School that was built in Lenasia by the then apartheid government to cater for the educational needs of the Indian community. In the early years, the school was attended by few residents from Lenasia and many learners from Fordburg in Johannesburg were forced by the apartheid regime to travel daily by train to the school.

Lenasia Secondary School has served Lenasia, and Johannesburg since 1955. The school has been innovative in adapting to change and remains well positioned to provide for learners in a constantly changing global environment. In fulfilling its clear vision and mission the school has developed, grown and excelled. The School is well known and respected throughout Lenasia and its surrounding areas and many of its Alumni continue to be influential in many facets of society and make a sustained and invaluable contribution to society wherever they may be. Lenz High has through the many years of its existence produced and continues to produce many skilled community members that are leaders in the areas of Arts, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Sport and even the Politics of South Africa. Many of the schools past learners enjoy best of breed status in their respective careers, which provides testimony to the schools achievement.

The key values which drive Lenz High and which are imparted to the schools learners are: Leadership, tolerance, respect for others and loyalty to our school and country. The ethos of Lenz High is structured on these key values and the school continues to innovatively adapt to any new developments in teaching and learning. The winds of change sweeping across our country confirm the long standing values and traditions of Lenz High. The School is a very busy place because it offers a diversity of activities. The pages that follow detail that diversity and hopefully provide a sense of the pleasure, privilege and responsibility associated with being a product of Lenz High.

Ms. Hawa Bibi Munshi

School Principal

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